Lucky Body Wash 3 IN 1
Pomelo + Sandalwood + Mint

Lucky Body Wash 3 IN 1 made from auspicious herbal extracts, believed to help cleanse and enhance your overall luck.
Enriched with Hydrolyzed Soy Protein and Pro Vitamin B5, to keep your skin and hair moist and protected. 3 Features i.e. (1) Relieves tiredness; lift your spirit (2) Promotes personal relationship; improves karma (3) Cleanse the body; attract good luck.

Madam Ware
Pomelo + Sandalwood + Mint

Lucky Pomelo Body Wash 3 IN 1 pemandian seluruh badan dari kepala sehingga tapak kaki yang boleh membuang "shui" Cuci tangan, Cuci Kepala, Cuci badan.
‘Lucky Pomelo Body Wash 3 IN 1’ memberi penjimatan secara tidak langsung dimana anda tidak perlu lagi membeli secara berasingan dengan Shower Form, Bodywash dan juga Pencuci tangan.

Lucky Body Wash 3 IN 1 "好运"三合一

好运三步曲: 第一步:洗手。手贵为沟通,在握手时所形成一道桥梁,让你能促进人缘,缘到好运也随后报到。 第二步:洗头。头为人的灵魂之首,香露洗头能缓解疲劳,打醒十二分精神催旺气势。 第三步:洗身。香露洁身解秽,化身金钟罩和铁布衫让你有增财运势。

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